MINOKEM n 5%- MINOXIDIL 5% with AZELAIC ACID and Tretinoin – 60ml + Finasteride 1mg tablets (30 tablets)combo

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Minokem n 5% from Alkem Laboratories

Minoxidil-Clinically Proven formula to treat hair loss.

Azelaic Acid-Known to block DHT,a harmone responsible for hair fall in men.Scalp can absorb upto 1.5% azelaic acid of total solution concentration.

Tretinoin– Enhances the strength of minoxidil due to which you dont need to apply the solution twice a day.Just apply once a day preferable before going to bed.Thus one bottle of 60 ml lasts 2 months approx.

Minokem solution contains all above which makes it a great solution to combat hair fall.

Quantity: Each bottle contains 60ml of  Minoxidil solution.


Each 1ml contains:
Minoxidil        I.P   5%w/v
Azelaic acid               1.5%w/

Tretinoin                   0.010% w/v
Alcohol 95%  I.P 38% v/v

Usage-Daily apply 1ml on scalp and spread it evenly with finger if needed.


Finasteride Tablets 1mg (30 Tablets)

Finasteride from Intas pharma(creators of Morr-f solution).

Finasteride 1mg used to treat Androgenetic alopecia.It blocks the DHT,a baldness causing hormone.

Warning-Finasteride is a Prescription medicine and is supposed to be taken ONLY under the care of a practitioner .It is not meant for taking by own. Finasteride has many side effects like impotency.By purchasing this medicine,you are agreeing that you are taking it by prescription of a qualified doctor.The seller in anyway is not responsible for any side  effects caused to you.