Morr F 10% – Minoxidil 10% Finasteride 0.1% DHT Blocker + hair regrowth solution

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Morr F 10% Minoxidil 10% Finasteride 0.1% Hair regrowth DHT Blocker solution. Finasteride Blocks DHT while Minoxidil 10 works as Growth Enhancer

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What is Morr-F 10%?
Morr-F containing the 2 active ingredients minoxidil 10% and finasteride, as DHT Blocker and promote hair regrowth. It works by encouraging hair follicles that have stopped producing hair to begin making new hair and inhibit the natural hormone DHT from forming. It is mainly used by adult men to treat male pattern baldness.

How is Morr-F used? 
Morr-F should be massaged into the scalp with your fingers once per day. Also it will depend on the patients condition and their response to the therapy.Refer to booklet supplied along with product.


The Morr-f 10% contains Minoxidil 10% and Finasteride in a topical solution form so you are spared from the side effects of taking finas orally while having its benefits directly on hair roots..The solution is meant to be applied directly on scalp just like a hair oil which does not need prescription since minoxidil topical solutions are available OTC as per FDA.

Minoxidil 10% is extra strength and gives better results than that of 5% and 2%.

Quantity is 60ml.